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Looking for examples of differentiated taxation or awareness raising models to improve separate waste collection and reduce waste? ACR+ in the framework of the LIFE Rethink Waste project published a compilation of a dozen recent practices in pay as you throw (PAYT) and know as you throw (KAYT), using taxation, information, and technology to improve waste performances. It covers cities ranging from municipalities with a few thousand inhabitants like Argentona (ES) and Miglianico (IT) to medium-sized cities like Parma and Bergamo (IT) and to European metropoles like Berlin (DE). A set of nine cluster projects accompany the description of these experiences to frame them in a broader context.

The source of inspiration for this collection was a workshop organised by ACR+ for the project in February 2020. The event gathered experts from different European countries, who discussed how the cities and towns in their regions were able to incentivise residents to separate their waste more and to prevent waste.



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