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After slightly more than a year since the launch of the demonstration site in Lyon, the DECISIVE concept still attracts attention from external biowaste solution developers as it is proving its efficiency and expectations.

The pandemic heavily compromised the planned operations as it allowed only 7.25 t of biowaste to be processed instead of 50 t previously expected due to a smaller intake of catering waste from restaurants. However, those periods during the pandemic when biowaste collection was possible showed and proved that the daily target could easily by achieved. As the pandemic and lockdown progressed the digester had to be stopped.

On the bright side, this led to other lessons learnt as it was proven later that the digester could be restarted after several weeks at low temperature and without being fed, simply by reheating and progressively refeeding it. The pandemic and the lockdown thus, as unforeseen circumstance, helped to demonstrate the flexibility and adaptivity of the DECISIVE solution.


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