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The EPR Club Planning Meeting 2022 took place on 24 January 2022. The members gathered, one more time online, to discuss the results of the EPR Club’s work in 2021 and to agree on activities to be carried out in 2022.The members agreed that the EPR Club’s activities during 2021 were, like during the year before, limited due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the EPR Club managed to organise one international conference composed of two webinars and one lunch debate. The members shared the dedication to give a good impetus to the activities of the EPR Club in 2022 by joint efforts. After discussing the set of relevant topics to be covered by potential activities during the year, the members preliminary agreed to organise a webinar on Reuse Fund, a webinar on Data Collection on Costs of Littering, and one international event on Horizontal Aspects of EPR.Source: www.eprclub.eu

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