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In the last months, the ProCirc partners have started to work on new project activities such as the circular procurement framework guidance, that will provide recommendations to procurers in each step of the procurement journey. Moreover, the ‘champions’ activity started to take shape, this will allow the identification of several best practices in each procurement stage.  

The ProCirc partners have developed a survey (still open) to create a circular business model toolbox  providing suppliers with the knowledge and methods necessary to adopt circularity into their business processes. It will also aid procurers to understand the circular business models available in the market to meet their ambitions and adjust their procurement strategies.  

To maximise the impact of the project, the ProCirc partners are currently working on up-scaling project results and identifying opportunities for cooperation with Local and Regional Authorities inside and outside of the North Sea Region. Have a look at the two infographics showcasing the project and its main outputs.  

In February, project partners released the publication ‘pioneering the circular procurement of furniture’ which presents the experience of three key officials participating in pilots in Norway, the Netherlands and Flanders to find out the benefits, barriers and lessons learnt when setting up systems for the circular procurement of furniture.  






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