The HOOP project is organising its fourth Study Visit on 16 June, visiting the Lighthouse city Kuopio to learn more about its management of biowaste. 
The study visit aims to 1) inspire innovative solutions that HOOP Network members can adapt and implement in their own territories and 2) to provide opportunities for HOOP Network Members to meet HOOP Lighthouses and Technical Partners and receive feedbacks or exchange lessons learnt. Find all the information and the agenda here. 
For the members of the HOOP Network, all the travel costs (hotel, flight/train tickets, subsistence) are covered by the project. The Study Visit is open only to members of the HOOP Network of Cities and Regions. If you are a city, a region or a waste management/wastewater treatment company, register to the Network to join the 4th HOOP Study Visit and get access to all the HOOP services. 


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