In response to the pressing need for efficient bio-waste management systems in Europe, LIFE BIOBEST will guide and mainstream the best bio-waste practices and policies across the EU. This initiative aims to pave the way for widespread and appropriate solutions in the bio-waste chain, from generation to treatment. 
While prevention is the preferred option, not all bio-waste is preventable. A mandatory separate collection of bio-waste will be entering into force by 31st December 2023 under the Waste Framework Directive, and it is expected that more bio-waste will need to be pushed in the direction of anaerobic digestion and composting. On top of this mounting pressure, Europe faces the urgent need to reduce landfilling of municipal waste, as outlined by the EU Landfill Directive.    
The task at hand is to ensure the development of bio-waste management best practices and the production of quality compost and digestate for soil applications, while minimising any negative effect and closing the loop in an effective way. 
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