ACR+ actively participated in the inaugural EU Soil Week held in Madrid, hosted by CSIC, the Spanish national institute for scientific research. With around 300 participants from Europe and virtual attendees from Asia, Latin America, and Africa, the event, which took place from 21 to 23 November, focused on discussing the current state of soils in Europe and strategies to achieve the objectives of the EU Soil Mission by 2050. ACR+, a partner in the Prepsoil project and co-organiser of the event, engaged in thematic sessions addressing the transformation of soil practices. Emphasizing the importance of experimentation sites like Soil Health Living Labs and collaboration among diverse stakeholders, ACR+ highlighted key actions for achieving healthier soils. 

The joint letter, published last week, containing shared recommendations for the improvement of the Soil Monitoring and Resilience Directive (Soil Monitoring Law), is one of the outcomes of the collaborative efforts undertaken in this area. 
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