ACR+ recently hosted an engaging stakeholder dialogue on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for promoting circularity in the EU textile sector, in collaboration with EURATEX, the EP Intergroup on Climate Change, Biodiversity & Sustainable Development, and MEP Malte Gallée within the framework of the CISUTAC project. 

Panel discussions explored challenges and harmonization efforts in establishing EPR schemes for textile waste management, featuring insights from the Netherlands, the European Commission, and Refashion. The role of social enterprises, global accountability in addressing fashion disposability, and the significance of eco-modulation for sustainable production were key topics in discussions on designing effective EPR. 
Key takeaways from the event emphasized EPR as a vital tool, not a standalone solution, global accountability for the fashion industry's environmental impact, prioritizing reuse, and incentivizing eco-design, along with the importance of collaboration for effective circularity. 

For further insights, explore our Recommendations and Good Practices for Local Used Textile Management, providing a detailed analysis and benchmark of current European practices, along with tips and recommendations on managing textile waste.  

If you missed the event, the recording is available here. 
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