Support and facilitate the exchange of experiences between its members, deepen its knowledge on sustainable food, sustainable construction and demolition and public procurement, promote circular economy, etc.” These are some of ACR+ commitments for 2016, as detailed in the Work Programme 2016, which has just been published.

In this document you will also discover the new projects which will start in the upcoming year. Indeed, in 2015 ACR+ submitted several project proposals, in collaboration with some of its members and selected partners. We exceeded by far the usual rate of success for these types of call with 7 projects accepted out of 13 submitted. These projects are the following:
  • DECISIVE (H2020): this project aims to help with the reform of urban waste management systems for our ever-growing cities and populations by developing and demonstrating eco-innovative solutions, addressed to waste operators and public services,
  • INTHERWASTE (InterregEurope): the project aims at European Heritage Cities exchanging experiences and policies for efficient and sustainable waste management in urban contexts.
  • IMPACTPapeREC (H2020): the project aims to provide an innovative and common knowledge platform which will enable cooperation between the key stakeholders involved in the paper value chain.
  • SWIM and HORIZON2020 (EuropAid): the project aims to contribute to reduced marine pollution and a more sustainable use of scarce water resources by providing tailored and targeted support to stakeholders of the Beneficiary Countries within six results areas.
  • TURKEY COMPOSTS! (EuropAid): the project aims to contribute to establishing links and cooperation between civil society in Turkey and the EU Member States in the area of environment, climate change and waste and to contribute to environment protection and climate change mitigation in Turkey.
  • URBANREC (H2020): the project aims to develop and implement eco-innovative and integral bulky waste management systems, as well as demonstrate their effectiveness in different regions.
  • UrBAN-WASTE (H2020): the project aims to help develop strategies to reduce the amount of municipal waste production as well as strategies to further develop re-use, recycling, collection and disposal of waste.
More information on the new and ongoing projects are available in the Work Programme 2016.

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