In May 2015, ACR+ published one of the first outputs of the Circular Europe Network (CEN), the General guidelines for circular economy planning for local and regional authorities. This document aims to clarify circular economy, its concept and objectives; and to present via a practical approach with for example, the first steps to take for building a circular economy strategy or which instruments, cross-sector and thematic measures to include.

ACR+ is proud to inform you that the guidelines are now also available in Italian and Catalan!

AICA took care of translating the document into Italian, adding a presentation of 8 Italian good practices, while ARC (Catalan Waste Agency) provided the document in Catalan. Both versions are available in high definition for ACR+ members on the CEN website. If you experience difficulties in connecting to your account on the CEN website, please contact the ACR+ Secretariat.

To increase the accessibility of the guidelines and translate them into their language, ACR+ members are invited to contact thh ACR+ secretariat.

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