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What are the needs and solutions regarding the management of plastic waste in Belgium? What are the barriers to public procurement of innovation in plastic waste collection and separation? What is entailed by P+ and the extension of plastic packaging collection?

To answer these questions and create a dialogue between contracting authorities, ACR+ is organising a conference-debate between Belgian public purchasers and suppliers in the field of plastic waste management. This event, entitled "Innovative public markets on the subject of collection and separation of plastics in Belgium: needs and solutions, what's next?", will take place on 12 May 2016 in Brussels.

After a plenary session, two parallel workshops will address key topics regarding public procurement of innovation: the collection and treatment of hard plastics and the collection and separation of plastic packaging.

This event is organised in the framework of the European project PPI4Waste which explores mechanisms to overcome barriers to public procurement of innovation (PPI) in the waste sector. Similar workshops already took place in Spain, Croatia and in the Netherlands. These events aimed at fostering communication on purchasers’ needs, financing opportunities, disseminating the emerging national research, facilitating discussions of customer and overcoming the barriers to innovation in the field of municipal waste management.

More information about the project and the different workshops (including presentations) are available on


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