Starting from September 2016 ACR+ is involved in a new project:  DECISIVE, A Decentralised Management Scheme for Innovative Valorisation of Urban Biowaste. The project is funded under the Horizon 2020 programme and aims at demonstrating the ability to decrease the generation of urban waste from households and assimilated waste and increase its recycling and recovery rates by focusing efforts on decentralised management and valorisation of the organic fraction of waste, i.e. biowaste, in a short cycle.

The kick-off meeting, held in Rennes, France, and hosted by the Irstea, the French national institute for research in environmental and agricultural sciences and technologies, took place on 5 and 6 September and gathered 14 partners who will work on the project for the next 4 years. The project consortium includes other research institutes, universities, SMEs, public authorities and non-profits. Three ACR+ members will work together with ACR+ on this project, too, namely the Catalan Waste Agency, Fundació ENT and Suez-Environnement.

The DECISIVE project proposes to change the present urban metabolism for organic matter, energy and biowaste to a more circular economy and to assess the impacts of these changes on the whole waste management cycle. The project will result in a number of tools and plans for supporting locally adapted decentralised management schemes, as well as marketable, eco-designed and micro-scale anaerobic digestion and solid-state fermentation treatment processes and units.

ACR+ will have a key role in communication and dissemination including a number of capacity building activities in Brussels and abroad. ACR+ will also draft the communication materials and incentive methods for the demonstration sites and further deployment and exploitation of the results and products. Numerous involvements in technical assessment of waste collection schemes and waste treatment options for biowaste is also foreseen, where many ACR+’s initiatives and previous findings will be used, such as the Waste Observatory and recent publications.

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