On 10 November, ACR+ in collaboration with its member ATIA-ISWA-ITALIA and with the sponsorship of another member, UTILITALIA, organised a side-event during the Ecomondo fair in Rimini.

"Circular economy and urban waste management: let´s start circulating in it. What must change, how and when" discussed the application of circular economy principles into the entire system of municipal waste management and showcased several case studies.

The morning was dedicated to key speeches and two round tables entitled “European Circular Economy: Utopia or Opportunities” and “And what for Italy? The Scenario and the ambitions”.

The first round-table gathered several experts and representative of organisations and underlined amongst other issues that circular economy is a must and represents opportunities for stakeholders, producers, local and regional authorities as well as consumers.

Several case-studies were presented in the afternoon with a focus on the strength of economic incentives towards municipalities and the strength of a multi-stakeholders approach. ACR+ Member Wallonia was given as an example of how the prevention waste plan developed by the region contributes to enhance circular economy on its territory.

The day ended with a last round table focusing on plastic took place and closing remarks from Françoise Bonnet, ACR+ Secretary General, and Giulio Quercioli Dessena, ATIA-ISWA ITALIA President.

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