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On 16 May 2017, ACR+ member Mancomunidad de la Comarca de Pamplona presented a new communication campaign to promote the correct separation of organic matter.  The campaign has been carried out and planned jointly by the Government of Navarra (Environment Department), the Waste Consortium of Navarra and the Mancomunidad de ka Comarca de Pamplona.

The campaign, which will last for two weeks, aims to promote good practices in the correct separation of domestic waste and to highlight the importance of depositing organic matter in the brown container or composter.

Pamplona wants to encourage people to make a better use of brown containers so the biodegradable wastes, mainly food debris, pruning and gardening, end up in the mentioned container. If they are deposited wrongly, the organic matter cannot be recovered, and it can also contaminate other fractions.

More information: (in Spanish)

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