After the extension of the organic selective collection campaign, by ACR+ member EMULSA,  to the districts of Viesques, Nuevo Roces, Montevial and Nuevo Gijón, 4,984 households have started separating organic waste.

A third phase of the campaign will be launched after this summer, extending the service to the districts of La Calzada, El Bibio and Las Mestas, although this forecast may vary according to the results that are currently being obtained by EMULSA. Approximately 65,000 inhabitants are expected to be provided with separate collection of organic waste, as an option, before the end of 2017.

The selective collection of organic waste is one of the measures implemented by EMULSA to reduce waste and increase recycling in Gijón, in order to comply with the European legislation, which requires that, by 2020, 50% of the city's waste is recycled. Therefore, it is expected that the selective collection will be implemented everywhere in Gijón within 3 years.

More information: http://cuidadoambiental.gijon.es (in Spanish)

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