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In 2016, 2.7 million tonnes of construction and demolition (C&D) waste were generated in Catalonia, according to the latest data from ACR+ member the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC). Of these, 1.3 million were managed through recycling plants (48.1%), where they were valorised; while 1.4 million were sent to landfilling in controlled sites (51.9%).

The recovery of C&D waste already increased substantially in 2009 and 2010, with the introduction of a fee for the disposal of C&D waste. The temporary suspension of the fee influenced the evolution of the recovery. Currently, the fee amounts to 1.5 euros per tonne in order to stimulate better management and considering that this sector has suffered from the economic crisis.

This fee is an ecological tax that encourages more environmentally friendly behaviour and promotes material minimization and recovery measures for waste. At the same time, it is an economic instrument that contributes to the financing of the costs created by the implementation of the sustainable management of C&D waste. Since 2010, almost 9 million euros have been collected through this fee and granted at local level to support the use of recycled aggregates in local works.

One of the objectives of the Catalan Waste Agency is to increase the recovery of C&D waste, and especially to encourage the use of up to 75% of the recycled aggregates generated in this sector. For this reason, it has proposed the adoption of a regulation regarding recycled aggregates, detailing the allowed uses, the conditions for using it and control criteria for the production. It will also ensure that at least 5% of recycled aggregates (compared to the total of the materials used) are used in public and private construction projects.

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