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ACR+ member Rennes Métropole initiated a mini-series “Jette pas ci, trie-moi ça” (Do not throw, sort it out) which has reached its mid-point. The mini-series, developed in partnership with TVR, follows 8 households for the entire year with the aim to observe their sorting practices and understand their habits and mistakes made. By showcasing the different practices the mini-series main goal is to raise awareness on the waste issue as well as encourage behavioural change.

6-months after the start of the project, the participants were interviewed and asked to share their experience. Most of them acknowledged that the mini-series encouraged them to pay more attention to waste-sorting and helped to change their practices. Reflecting on the positive changes, several participants noted that due to the programme they started composting, growing their own organic vegetables, using reusable-bags instead of single-use plastic bags while shopping as well as doing their groceries in bulk and in the markets in order to reduce packaging waste produced. However, participants also noted several aspects that they found difficult in their household waste management. Notably, a family that raises 6-month-old baby pointed out that the alternative to single-use diapers is too complicated. Additionally, the issue of clothes recycling was raised by pointing out the lack of information on the possible options. Lastly, participants living in small houses and apartments mentioned the difficulty to compost due to the lack of space.

The programme is set to run until February 2018. 

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