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On the occasion of the 100th Congress of French Mayors, ACR+ member CITEO together with other organisations decided to extend the “Metal Project” until 2022. The project consists of several pilot sorting centres that are equipped with adapted sorting devices that are capable of separate the light aluminium packaging from the rest of the packaging in order to minimise the effect of “sorting-refusal” that is detected in the regular sorting centres.  This new agreement sets a more ambitious goal - to ensure that 30 million citizens in France sort and recycle all of their metal packaging by 2022.

Launched in 2014, Project Metal has set up the first recycling scheme dedicated to light aluminium packaging and steel in France by acting on three levers:

  • simplification of sorting instructions for inhabitants ("all metal packaging is sorted and recycled");
  • process adaptation in sorting centres;
  • identification of new recovery technologies for lightweight aluminium packaging.

During the first phase of the Metal Project more than 9 million inhabitants in metropolitan France were enabled to sort their light metal packaging. In 2016, 338 tonnes of aluminium packaging were recycled through the Metal Project, 65% more than in 2015.

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