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In November 2017, ACR+ member the city of Odense has appointed for the first time two Clean City Ambassadors, in order to advocate for a city without trash. Both selected Ambassadors have already been strongly invested in the topic of waste reduction.

The first Ambassador Tuyen Phan has been working on the Instagram profile called “Flash Your Trash”, intended to change people behaviour regarding littering in the nature. Furthermore, Tuyen Phan organises regular “trash-walks” intended to organise garbage collection.
The second Ambassador has developed a “Snap Trash GO” that brings together Snapchat and waste problem. The initiative is based on a gamification strategy focusing on encouraging litter collection which would result in community building in the cleaner city. The idea is simple – finding ways to make city clean-ups fun and attractive to the inhabitants.

The Clean City Ambassador’s initiative is part of the more extensive work programme on the littering problem developed by the Culture and Urban Development Department. The aim of the programme for 2018 is to investigate five hotspots in the city in order to find out: where is the waste?; who throws it?; why they throw it?; and when it is being thrown?. Based on the results of the investigation, the city administration plans to designs trial programs to be tested and adapted to the specifics of each problematic hotspot area. The outcomes of the trail programmes would facilitate determining which measures (i.e. more visible bins, elements of the nudging) work best in litter prevention and have a potential to be implemented in the entire city.

Source: www.odense.dk  (in Danish)


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