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Starting from June 2018, ACR+ Member Greater Pamplona Area Council will implement a pilot test in two areas (located in Nuevo Artica and AzpilagaƱa neighbourhoods) to improve the separation of organic waste. The two zones have been selected based on urban (facility to establish the perimeter), demographic (gender balance, different average age of residents) and size (between 7,000 and 10,000 inhabitants per zone) criteria.

The main objective of the test is to increase the separate collection of organic waste by diverting to the brown container (for organic waste) the deposits that are currently made wrongly, mainly in the container for residual waste. To do this, in the two areas chosen, the container to collect the residual fraction will have a cover and grey identification. The containers for organic waste and residual waste will be opened using an electronic card associated to each user and for each opening the spatio-temporal coordinates will be registered.

To measure the results, an individual weighing of four types of containers (organic waste, residual, packaging and paper and cardboard) will be realised before the test period to know the starting situation in a detailed way. In addition, in May, September and November analyses of the waste composition will be carried out to assess the evolution of the presence of improprieties in each of the fractions.

To limit food waste and increase the recycling of organic waste, the Greater Pamplona Area Council has also started a two-week pilot test experimenting a doggy-bag system in 44 hotels and restaurants of its territory. Clients have the possibility to take away their left-over using a container suitable for the microwave and which can be composted or throw in the container for organic waste afterwards. Results will be analysed at the end of March 2018 and the continuity of the campaign will be assessed.

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