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ACR+ member Wallonia has adopted the “Waste-Resource” plan for the region, with which it aims to integrate the new European circular economy obligations as well as increase recycling.  As in the recent years incineration and recycling have gradually replaced landfilling, the Government of Wallonia now aims at increasing the share of recycling in relation to incineration.
In concrete terms, 157 measures numbering up to more than 700 actions have been proposed to better reduce, reuse, sort, recycle and recover waste. The plan addresses all stakeholders: citizens, companies, inter-municipal associations, municipalities and public authorities.
The underlining principles of the plan are the following:

  • Strengthen waste sorting
  • Promote eco-design for packaging by signing a framework agreement with the distribution sector
  • Reinforce the network of the repair-cafes
  • Encourage citizens to buy services rather than goods (e.g. vehicles, bicycles, and electronics)
  • Reduce the incineration capacity by at least 15% by encouraging prevention, sorting and recycling as well as compensating energy recovery capabilities by building an organic waste recovery facility.
  • Develop industrial symbiosis on the territory
  • Launch new recycling schemes for plastics, wood, batteries, end-of-life vehicles and mattresses
  • Coordinate public clean-up actions between different levels of governance structures
  • Strengthen the repressive component of environmental offenses
  • Promote the above measures by active public campaign organised by public authorities

Source: www.wallonie.be (in French)

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