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ACR+ member Madrid Municipality has launched a new campaign in which more than 11,000 catering establishments will be visited between March and July to promote the proper management of waste generated in the hospitality industry and to enforce municipal ordinances that require these generators to properly manage their waste.
The initiative, which has been initiated in the Salamanca district and will be extended to the remaining 20 districts, aims to improve management and increase the rate of recycling of waste from glass containers, light packaging, commercial cardboard (in the areas currently with a door to door collection of this stream) and organic waste (in the equipped with a brown container for organic collection) that generate the HORECA establishments (hotels, restaurants and catering) of the city.
After a first phase made of informative visits to the establishments, new visits will be carried out to monitor the evolution of the establishments in the separation at source. In case they do not follow the regulations, they will be given a letter requiring them to do so. In this case, another visit will be made at later dates and if the management is still not correct, the case will be transferred to the municipal inspection to carry out the necessary actions. Indeed, the municipal ordinances regarding the obligation to recycle for all citizens include penalties that may reach 750 euros if the regulations are not applied.
Source: https://diario.madrid.es
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