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Every year, ACR+ member the University of Deusto is publishing short monographs on research projects with high potential for social impact, the so-called Deusto Social Impact Briefings (DSIB). Aimed at social organisations, users, policymakers and businesses, they seek to ensure that research outcomes are intelligible and provide guidelines, best practices and recommendations to support the tasks of meeting the challenges of social transformation that must be faced.

One of these briefings, the “Key factors to meet prevention and recycling targets for municipal solid waste: collection systems, environmental education programmes and taxation”, is based on the Waste4Think project results and sets out to outline decision-making tools for the public authorities in matters of municipal solid waste management, with a view to improving it via public engagement. The document gives an innovative overview of the problem, and provides tools and mechanisms for determining new, across-the-board policies, monitoring them and quantifying their impact so as to facilitate learning and transference.

The report is available here.

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