Since September 2018 ACR+ member Citeo and its partner Les Alchimistes are testing a composting process for packaging made out of Polyactic-acid (PLA), which does not benefit from a dedicated recycling system, yet. The aim is to test innovative composting processes replying to quality norms as well as sustainable collecting methods. The partners are using an electro-mechanical composting method divided into three steps:

  • A pre-treatment procedure to chop the PLA packaging and mix it with other bio-waste;
  • A composting process lasting six weeks in a composter;
  • Post-compost operations aiming at analysing and testing the quality of the compost.

The test also aims at identifying collection channels. In a first stage, agreements will be made to collect (together with other bio-waste) bottles in PLA in several restaurants and shops, with an objective of collecting minimum 500 bottles. For the test, a system has been developed to track the bottles collected and publish accompanying business documents.

Later on, a test will be conducted to collect packaging in PLA from consumers via shops and events. An awareness-raising programme on collecting points will be implemented to encourage consumers to bring their compostable plastic packaging back to the shops.

The project is expected to deliver its first results by May 2019. 

Source: (in French)


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