“You don’t like your sofa anymore? Sell it! Before throwing away, make it new again.” ACR+ member the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC) has launched an institutional information campaign stimulating the repair and reuse of objects to prevent them from becoming waste. "Make it new again" will last five weeks and will be disseminated through television, radio, printed media, street posters, on the internet and social networks. In addition, a street marketing action will be organised during the last week of May in the city of Barcelona, during which people will be able to repair and exchange objects.
With a colourful and striking image, imitating the typical graphic line of big retailers, but sending the opposite message, the campaign present as main characters everyday household items that easily end up discarded: clothing or footwear, musical instruments, furniture, among many others. These items can be resold, repaired, given or modified in a way that prolongs their useful life. The information campaign is financed by the ARC with an amount of 2 million euros.
Discover the campaign on http://residus.gencat.cat (in Catalan)

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