According to ACR+ member EMULSA’s latest data the separation of waste for recycling in Gijón has increased by 9.7% during the first quarter of 2019, to reach 30% of the total waste generated in the municipality.

Organic waste is the fraction which has grown the most, with an increase of 136.9% due to the extension of the separated collection of organic waste to additional neighbourhood. By the end of 2019 it should reach over 145,000 inhabitants. Regarding the other fractions, the separate collection of packaging waste has raised by 8.9%, paper and cardboards by 3.9%, and glass 3.1%.
So far, the total waste generated in the municipality has decreased by 5%, compared to the same period the year before, reaching 21,535,340 kg. This increase in recycling is explained by dynamic awareness raising campaigns, a stronger involvement of citizens and logistical and economic efforts to improve EMULSA services.
Source: (in Spanish)

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