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The new Waste Prevention and Management Strategy 2018-2022 of ACR+ member the city of Madrid was adopted on 16 May 2019. With a budget of € 1,554 million until 2022, the strategy includes as one of its key measures the reduction of incineration by half by 2022 and its elimination in 2025.
The Waste Strategy makes prevention and reuse a priority. Collection points will be set to offer a second life to electrical waste, furniture or toys and improvements. Improvements will also be brought to the current selective waste collection system. The selective collection of organic waste will be extended to all the citizens and companies in the city, agro-composting and the use of this resource will be promoted, and more fractions for selective collection will be introduced.
Last but not least, an Agency for Waste Prevention and Circular Economy will be created together with an information platform on waste in Madrid.
Source: www.madrid.es (in Spanish)

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