Following the launch of the ECOHIVE concept, ACR+ member Wasteserv Malta announced further environmental improvements with the launch of a recycling line. These significant short-term improvements are being implemented to ensure the best possible performance, until all the new plant is in place in the next three to five years.
By the end of summer 2020, Wasteserv Malta will start an industrial rudimentary recycling line within the Sant' Antnin complex. By end of year the process will be further ramped up with the installation of additional machinery including high load bailers that will yield a better weight to volume ratio. This, together with new storage facilities, will ensure that the separated recyclable materials are of the highest quality and therefore their potential reuse is maximised.
Through these upgrades, Wasteserv Malta will immediately push the performance up to 15% with the intention to more than double it by early next year.

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