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The Regional Waste Management Planning Offices, Connacht Ulster and ACR+ members Eastern Midlands Waste Region and Southern Waste Region, are asking the public to have its say on a new draft plan that aims to tackle the significant challenges around all aspects of waste in Ireland. The National Waste Management Plan for a Circular Economy is Ireland’s framework for the prevention and management of waste and will cover the years 2023 to 2029. The plan aims to shift Ireland towards a more circular economy where resources are reused or recycled as much as possible and therefore waste generation is minimised. It contains six key targets, including the aim to reuse 10kg of resources per person annually during the period of this plan. The plan also aims to encourage sustainable consumption through awareness campaigns, education programmes, and demonstration projects.
The plan will require a minimum investment of EUR 40 million by the state to achieve its goals over the lifetime of the plan. The public consultation for the plan is open until 5 July 2023.
Source: www.mywaste.ie


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