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In the 2022-2023 school year, the "Schools Don't Waste" project was implemented in 68 schools in ACR+ member City of Warsaw. In total, 1 551 students, together with trainers and teachers, worked on ways to reduce food waste in their schools. During a series of five meetings, participants learned about the extent of food waste in Poland and around the world and what the consequences are. They diagnosed how much food was in school bins and how much leftover food was left on cafeteria plates. They worked on solutions that would reduce food waste, tested them and ran campaigns to promote these activities. They took part in culinary workshops, during which they prepared dishes with the products we tend to waste. 
Other actions that were carried out included extending the breakfast break, allowing more time to eat or share leftovers with others; and the preparation of booklets for parents of younger grades on how to compose a breakfast menu so that less is wasted. 
Source: https://um.warszawa.pl (in Polish) 
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