Since 1 January 2021, a collection obligation for discarded mattresses has been in place in Flanders. According to data released by ACR+ member OVAM, last year, 6 189 tonnes of discarded mattresses were collected, of which 5 176 were collected selectively, and 1 013 tonnes were collected through bulky waste. Out of the 5 176 tonnes of mattresses collected selectively, 4 645 tonnes were sent for dismantling, 151 tonnes for reuse, and 122 tonnes for energy recovery. 
In 2022, approximately 345 000 mattresses were collected selectively, compared to 165 000 in 2021. Since the introduction of the acceptance obligation, a total of 510 000 mattresses have been collected for recycling and reuse in Flanders. 
Source: (in Flemish) 
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