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ACR+ member OVAM is co-organising an upcoming event with Plan C entitled ‘Circular Cities 2050’, which will take place 19 April 2016 in De Hoorn, Leuven, Belgium. The event will present the virtually designed city of Reburg, a city where the circular economy comes to life. Through the presentation of this innovative project, key questions including; What would life look like in a circular economy? What would businesses do? What kind of spaces would we use to live, work and play?, will be explored and answered. 

On Tuesday 19 April, Reburg will be taken out of the virtual and brought into the real world. At the Circular Cities event several Flemish cities will highlight how they are building a circular future today. London, Amsterdam and Copenhagen have proven that preparing the future is possible. They have taken the lead with their ambition to become circular capitals of Europe.  Who’s next in Flanders?

Date and Time: 19 April 2016, 18h30
Location: De Hoorn, Leuven, Belgium
Event language: Dutch

For more information and registration: www.plan-c.eu

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