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The Brussels Capital Region has recently published a new circular economy strategy, co-led by ACR+ Member Brussels Environment, Impulse, Innoviris and ACR+ Member Bruxelles Propreté. The strategy for 2025 was adopted on 16 June 2015 and has the objective of facilitating the transition to a more circular economy over a 10 year period. With this plan the region hopes to be a European example for innovation and development on the topics of circular economy and the efficient management of resources.

The plan has 3 main objectives:
  • To transform environmental goals into economic opportunities
  • To anchor the Brussels economy, where possible, to local produce and to minimise transportation whilst optimising the use of available territory in order to create additional value for the people of Brussels
  • To contribute to the creation of employment
It is also comprised of 111 measures which are broken down into the following 4 strategic parts:
  • Transversal
    Measures that concern all actors and that will aim to establish a solid regulatory framework in which the various aspects of the regional plan can be carried out.
  • Sectorial
    These measures will target specific industries e.g. construction and aim to aid with creation of employment through the integration of circular economy.
  • Territorial
    These measures will complement those found in the transversal and sectorial sections, and aim to mobilise local actors in the Brussels region via means such as Urban Renovation contracts and other development projects across communes.

  • Governance
    The programme will be coordinated by 3 ministers as well as facilitate the cooperation of at least 13 partner administrations.

For more information:www.environnement.brussels (In French)

To read the regional strategy:http://document.environnement.brussels (In French)
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