ACR+ member Belfast, is one of just five cities in the UK to be granted an award at the 2016 Sustainable Food Cities annual ceremony. The city was one of four to win the scheme's bronze award, while just one location took home the programme's silver award.

Sustainable Food Cities is a network which encourages groups to work together to make their areas known for healthy and sustainable food. The bronze award recognises the work carried out across the city by Belfast Food Network's 450 members to address problems including obesity and diet-related ill-health. Initiatives such as the Public Health Agency's 'Choose to Live Better' campaign, Belfast City Council's food waste collection, and school 'Healthy Snack' policies all contributed to Belfast being recognised as a sustainable food city.

Additionally, the city may also be set to host its first food waste festival this autumn, organised by Feed The City. This initiative aims to educate the public about how to find food more sustainably and how to transform what might otherwise go to waste into tasty dishes to tempt the taste buds. It is the brainchild of the Belfast Food Network, which is currently undertaking outreach work with community groups across the city and is seeking funding to ensure the event goes ahead. The attraction is being planned to take place at the start of November 2016, to coincide with the time when local produce is most abundant. It is set to include so-called wonky fruit and vegetables that farms find difficult to sell, tips on growing your own food and advice on cuts of meat and cooking dishes such as soups and stews made from surplus food.

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