Annual plastic waste arisings in the UK were estimated to be 3.7 million tonnes in 2014, including some 2.2 million tonnes of packaging, according to a report published by ACR+ member WRAP. The Plastics Market Situation Report, found that of the total amount of plastic packaging arising around 1.5 million tonnes was estimated to be rigid plastic packaging and the remaining 700,000 tonnes was estimated to be films. In terms of consumer plastic packaging 594,000 tonnes was said to be bottles, 525,000 tonnes other rigids such as pots, tubs and trays (PTTs) and 414,000 tonnes films. For non-consumer plastics there were an estimated 231,000 tonnes of bottles while PTTs account for 108,000 tonnes and film is estimated at 348,000 tonnes.
The report includes detailed analysis of recovered plastic flows, prices and the sustainability of end markets, including the risks and opportunities. The authors reviewed trends past and present, and updates on data reported by the organisation since the previous Plastic Market Situation Report was published in 2011. Three key themes covered in the report include: progress, end markets and plastic recyclers.

Source: https://waste-management-world.com

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