ACR+ member Paris is setting itself the ambitious target of boosting its recycling levels of household waste to 50% from the current 16%. The city of Paris recently launched a household waste recycling package supported by Eco-Emballages (member of EPR Club). The densely populated city of Paris is starting with a base recycling rate of 16%, as 80% of waste is incinerated and a further 4% buried. As such the 50% recycling target by 2020 is an ambitious one.

Paris has worked hard on reviving its communication campaign (displays, recycling guides, stickers for bins, dedicated websites) and also working on citizen awareness, however with 90 recycling ambassadors that will mobilise 70,000 people this is still a long way off from reaching the entire 2.2 million residents of the capital. The measures dedicated to recycling should be reinforced, as there are still around 10,000 buildings without recycling bins for paper and plastic and another 20,000 that are still waiting on glass recycling bins.

In addition 190 voluntary containers will be added, and 40 Trilibs, multi-stream sorting facilities in public spaces, will be tested in 5 neighbourhoods by Eco-Emballages beginning from September 2016. Finally, the door-to-door collection of biowaste should start in 2017 in 10 neighbourhoods, with the aim of extending to the entirety of Paris in the next mandate. The revival plan represents an investment of 2.3 million euros.

Source: (In French)

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