The English Food Waste Recycling Action Plan initiated and led by ACR+ member WRAP was launched on 7 July 2016 as England’s first action plan designed to increase the quantity and quality of household and commercial food waste collected and recycled.

The Food Waste Recycling Action Plan has been designed to help increase both the supply and quality of household and commercial food waste available for recycling. It will enable food waste collectors to maximise the amount of food waste collected, so that collections can be delivered as cost-effectively as possible.

Food waste prevention and redistribution will remain a priority, but despite the UK’s best efforts, there is still 10 million tonnes of ‘post-farm gate’ food wasted across the UK every year, 40% of which is unavoidable. However, just 1.8 million tonnes is recycled. Increasing the volume recycled brings significant economic and environmental benefits

The action plan supports local authorities already active in food waste recycling - helping them to cost effectively maximise their food waste collections, and local authorities thinking about adding a collection.  It also helps operators of food waste treatment plants play their part in securing the long term supply of food waste, at a quality required for their operations.

The actions are grouped under five distinct themes:  Developing the business case; Optimising food waste collections; Communicating with householders and commercial food waste producers; Ensuring quality as well as quantity; and, Making contracts work.

Source: www.wrap.org

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