Zero Waste Scotland

ACR+ member Zero Waste Scotland released on 23 November 2016 “How much food and drink waste is there in Scotland?”. In this report it is estimated that 1.35 million tonnes of food and drink in Scotland was wasted in 2013. The figure, which covers all quantifiable food and drink waste in Scotland, gives the most detailed insight yet into the true scale of the food we waste. It will be used as the baseline for the Scottish Government’s flagship target to reduce food waste by a third by 2025.

The research shows that the breakdown of food waste by sector is: household (44%);manufacturing (38%); hospitality (4%); retail (2%); education (2%); health & social care (2%); wholesale: (1%); other (7%).  Food losses which are incurred in primary production are excluded from the baseline figures at this time, pending further work to quantify this through better data. In total, food and drink production accounts for around 20% of Scotland’s carbon footprint when we take into account everything that we consume, not just emissions that occur within Scotland.


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