ACR+ member WRAP published the data charts showing the volume of ‘target’ and ‘non-target’ material received at registered materials recovery facilities (MRFs) from April to June 2016. The figures are the seventh set published under sampling and reporting obligations for MRF operators receiving more than 1,000 tonnes of mixed waste each year.

The latest data suggests that over the course of the second quarter of 2016, MRF operators in England recorded a total tonnage of mixed material entering the facilities of 897,816 tonnes which is around 17,500 tonnes or 2% more than the previous quarter. For Wales the total tonnage of mixed material entering the MFs in Q2 2016 was 78,089 tonnes.

The data suggests that compared to previous quarters there has been very little movement on the input contamination during the time that MRFs have been required to record the quality of the material entering their gates. MRFs in England have recorded a ‘target’ material rate of close to 86% since the reporting requirements came into effect in the final quarter of 2014, while in Wales this figure has fallen slightly from the 90% figure recorded over the same period.

Source: www.letsrecycle.com

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