2017 03 06 08

Analysis by ACR+ member WRAP shows that around 350,000 tonnes of avoidable household food waste, worth an estimated £1 billion annually, could be prevented through further changes to key food items in the UK’s shopping aisles. The financial benefits of making priority technical changes to food packaging and labels have been outlined in WRAP ’s latest Retailer Survey.
This announcement comes as part of WRAP’s long-standing work with retailers and food manufacturers to help consumers waste less food. This latest edition assesses how retailers and food manufacturers have progressed against the organisation’s original recommendations.
Steve Creed, Director at WRAP, said “We know that changes to packs and labels, which give clarity around date and storage options, can have a dramatic effect on how much good food ends up in the bin so getting the right messages in place is critical. Around 150,000 tonnes of household food waste was avoided in 2015 compared to 2007 , as a result of technical changes to products, saving UK families around £400 million a year.”
“These insights provide a crucial snapshot of what industry is doing, and where more work is needed. They will help us drive forward change under Courtauld Commitment 2025 , and will play a big part in re-energising the stall in household food waste reduction, that we recently identified. In fact, we are in discussions with the sector about trialling practical solutions that focus on making advice on storing and using our food as clear as possible.”
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