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ACR+ member ENT recently published the new edition of its newsletter. This newsletter goes back to the Life Cycle Costing presentation of Veronica Martinez-Sanchez where she describes general concepts of waste management systems and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and points out the importance of complementing LCAs with economic performances. The core of the presentation focuses on the Life Cycle Costing methodology as well as key results of two case studies carried out in Denmark and USA.
The newsletter also presents a study concerning “Evaluation of Externality Costs in Life-Cycle Optimization of Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems”. This study demonstrates the applicability of Societal life-cycle costing (S-LCC) to solide waste management life-cycle optimization through a case study based on an average suburban U.S. county of 500 000 people generating 320 000 Mg of waste annually.
More information: http://ent.cat
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