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On Thursday 30 March 2017, the Official Journal of the Government of Catalonia (DOGC) published a number of modifications to the consolidated text of the law on waste regulation, to include the prohibition of providing free bags at check-outs or plastic materials for home delivery, (excluding compostable plastics that meet the requirements of standard UNE-EN 13432) at the point of sale of goods and products. The measure, which came into force on 31 March 2017, will apply to all shops in Catalonia, whatever their business is, whenever the sale of products involves plastic bags.  

To guarantee publicity for the regulation, ACR+ member the Waste Agency of Catalonia (ARC) will soon be launching a campaign targeting shops and the general public to inform them that plastic bags will no longer be free and explain the alternatives available for shopping.

Under the Bag Agreement, in 2015, ARC and the commercial sector agreed that customers should pay for this item in all Catalan shops.

You can read the press release from ARC for more information.

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