Partners from the Pre-waste project provided their first good practices proposals about waste prevention at the beginning of summer 2010.

A successful campaign against food waste, a guide recommending packaging techniques for organic products, a "no junk mail" message, a centre for electronic and electrical devices of households,… these are examples of the 15 good practices identified by ACR+ for preventing waste generation at local or regional level.

By the end of the first semester 2010, each Pre-waste partner had to identify around 10 good practices implemented on its territory or in the neighbouring countries and the indicators used to monitor the cases' efficiency. Among the selected cases were education campaigns, economic or legal tools, web based second hand markets and other concrete actions experienced in Europe. On the basis of these cases, the IBGE and the ORDIF, in charge of the good practices and indicators issues of the project, will ask more information about 50 good practices, among which the 20 Pre-waste best practices will be chosen.

Along with its role in identifying good practices for waste prevention, ACR+ also acts as a communication manager for the project and is in charge of disseminating the project's results throughout its European network. This task involves, in particular, drafting a communication plan and guidelines for lowering the environmental impact of events, drafting the content of Pre-waste newsletters and promotional tools, and, in cooperation with the Marche Region, managing the future Pre-waste website and a Pre-waste Facebook page.

For the recall, the Pre-waste project is a 3-year project (2010-2012) involving ten European partners and co-financed by the INTERREG IV C programme from the European Commission. Its aim is to help local and regional authorities by providing them with examples of good practices, feasibility studies and tools for assessing what works, as well as a common methodology for local and regional waste prevention policies.

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