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Public authorities will soon be encouraged to apply the LCA thinking to their policies thanks to a new Interreg Europe project, LCA4Regions - Improved Environment and Resource Efficiency through the use of Life Cycle Instruments for implementation of regional policies of the EU.
The kick-off meeting, which took place on 30 September – 1 October 2019, was the occasion for the nine partners to discuss the project’s strategy and establish its roadmap.
For 48 months, they will work together to expand the use of LCA methodology as a holistic approach when conceiving and implementing public policies related to environment and resource efficiency.  ACR+, as the advisory partner, will play a key role in the "Interregional learning" process, supporting the partners in the collection and benchmark of good practices.
You can follow LCA4Regions on its website and Twitter, or subscribe to its mailing list, to ensure you do not miss out its first steps!

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