On 8 September 2022, ACR+ organised a second workshop with the members of the GREENER Advisory Group, including ACR+ members OVAMWalloniaAalborg, and Rijkswaterstaat. Participants shared feedback about the use, and possible replication of the GREENER training material which was developed to support SMEs to apply for Green Public Procurement (GPP). Moreover, they reflected on the barriers that SMEs face to participate in GPP and provided at the same time ideas about the different ways to overcome them. As an example, passive learning (as the training course) was identified as  complementary to active learning. It has been developed in the Wallonia and Flanders Green Deals where buyers and suppliers can learn from each other and be updated about new market trends. The results of the workshop will be gathered in a national report and will feed the GREENER Toolbox, an instrument aimed at supporting SMEs to participate in GPP. The reports will be available soon, so stay tuned!






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