A framework convention 2019-2021 was signed on 20 March 2019 between ACR+ member Wallonia and the Repair Together Association to promote and develop the Repair Cafés network. This agreement is a follow-up to the measures included in the Walloon Waste Resources plan.
The Walloon network of Repair Cafés brings together 20 Repair Cafés that have cumulatively repaired over 20,300 objects, thus helping to avoid more than 128 tonnes of waste avoided and 1,285 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The network plays a key role in combating waste and waste reduction.
The framework agreement aims to set up educational and training projects for volunteers and schools, among others, to raise awareness of the circular economy and the reduction of waste through the repair and reuse of objects. It also strengthens the network by creating a "House of Repair Cafés" and a "Repair Cafés mobile" in Wallonia. You can find out more about the initiative on its website; a smart app will follow shortly.
Source: www.wallonie.be (in French)

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