First INERTWASTE Transnational Learning Journey

From 14 Novembre 2023 09:00 until 15 Novembre 2023 14:02
At Online
Categories: Projects' events
The inaugural Transnational Learning Journey of INERTWASTE, hosted in the picturesque Navarra region takes place 14 and 15 November. Organised by the Government of Navarra and GAN-NIK, this journey is dedicated to exploring regulatory frameworks for sustainable inert waste management. 

The event will provide insights into regulatory frameworks for inert and inorganic waste valorisation in diverse regions, sharing exemplary practices and innovative approaches across four countries with a focus on resource-efficient public policies, identifying strategies to enhance inert and inorganic waste valorisation, particularly in Navarra/Spain, and facilitating knowledge exchange, capacity building, as well as fostering networking and collaboration. 

The event is being organised in Pamplona, but if you cannot make it there, the morning sessions of the first day will be livestreamed. Watch the session here from 09:30 CET. 

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