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The BLUEISLANDS project is heading towards its mid-term and the studying phase is well underway. The past months have been very active for the whole partnership, with a successful international conference in Brussels, the launch of a Charter of commitments, and on-going studies on waste generation, marine litter and waste water in the pilot islands.

The studying phase of the project is focusing on measuring the correlation between tourism and waste generation through quantification, analysis of waste, assessment of its composition, and the impact of marine litter in beaches, seawaters and coasts relevant to micro plastics, as well as the influence of waste water during the high season tourist peak through short-term microalgae deployments. Below are the main activities:
  1. Marine litter surveys and sand samples collection were conducted on beaches of 8 islands of the Mediterranean during the low and high seasons. Read more here.
  2. Monitoring of the quality of coastal seawater was carried out in Cyprus and Sicily (Italy) to evaluate the presence and distribution of anthropogenic nutrients. Read more here.
  3. Surface waters are currently being collected and analysed.
  4. Waste characteristics study: the collection of primary data about sources of waste, frequency, type and volume started in June 2018 and will continue for several months.
As the coastal areas are experiencing the high touristic season, more surveys and sampling collection are taking place in all partner areas, through the analysis of which the aim is to define waste seasonal variation in measurable and comparable quantities and quality.
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