ACR+ has co-signed a "Call for EU Action on Recycled Content Mandates for Plastics" released on 19 July 2018.
More than 30 organisations and companies (amongst two ACR+ members, Retorna and Reloop) are calling the EU to move beyond voluntary requirements and adopt legislation that imposes recycled content mandates for new plastic products as without it there is not enough incentive for products manufacturers to shift from using virgin to recycled plastic feedstock and thus move to a circular economy.
The following recommendations to EU policy-makers are included:
  • setting minimum recycled content requirements for plastic products and packaging products where environmental benefits exist, and where food safety considerations are met, noting levels will vary by product and material. These requirements should escalate over time.

    Utilisation of recycled resin instead of virgin resin has a significant impact on energy and pollution reduction. It exponentially reduces climate emissions and improves resource efficiency, while at the same time carving out a future role for European enterprises and turning the recent China ban to our advantage.
  • designing eco-modulation of fees paid by producers in a way that does not only consider the recyclability of products, but the recycled content as well. Likewise, green public procurement is also an important tool to increase demand for secondary raw materials.
  • Review and consideration of new and innovative approaches through economic incentives and penalties by the European Commission to encourage the procurement of recycled resin.

Read the full call.

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