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After 10 months of work, the COLLECTORS project has published its second newsletter, giving information on the project’s progresses toward its goal to identify, document, and disseminate good practices on municipal waste collection and recycling.

In particular, it explains how the partners are moving towards the definition of 12 case studies, after having elaborated three data templates for each of the waste streams tackled by the project (paper and packaging waste, WEEE, and construction and demolition waste). Based on key parameters, the templates were used to collect data on waste collection systems across Europe and define a consistent database which is now used to identify good practices. The participation of public authorities, in particular during the second project meeting in Malta, played an important role as they could share their opinion on key criteria to be used to make a selection.

The next steps of the project will consist in consolidating the database and performing cross-analyses, as well as identify the final list of the 12 case studies, that will then be further analysed to assess their environmental, economic, and “circular” performances. The consortium will also focus its efforts to progressively make available its finding, especially through the implementation of a web platform making the database accessible in a user-friendly way.

To learn more about the project, read online the second issue of the COLLECTORS newsletter or subscribe to make sure you receive the upcoming newsletters.

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